Acteon Mini LED Light Cure Unit - SuperCharged

Acteon Mini LED Light Cure Unit - SuperCharged


Mini LED Light Cure Unit
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Mini LED Supercharged gives the greatest power while offering totally safe modes for the tooth and the restoration.

Mini LED Supercharged gives the greatest power while offering totally safe modes for the tooth and the restoration.



  • Mini LED Supercharged emits light in the most relevant and most efficient spectrum (420 to 480 nm),unlike the wavelenghts of halogen lamps (over 480 nm) of which only 20% can be utilized and 80% is lost in heat.
  • Power: 2000 mW/cm2
  • Mini LED Supercharged is a very high powered lamp, it generates 2000 mW/cm2 light intensity with a single L.E.D.


  • Rounded surfaces allow for easy and comfortable manipulation.
  • Compact and lightweight (160g).
  • Silent: No fan.
  • Light guide rotates through 360°.
  • Base-charger can be turned in all directions and features stand-by indicator and low battery warning.
  • Built-in radiometer (efficiency tester).


  • One-piece glass rod light guide provides 30% more emitting power, available in two models: “Universal” (Ø7.5mm) and “Booster” (Ø5.5mm).
  • Anodized Aluminium hand-piece. Latest generation of SMD electronics.
  • Very high-quality single L.E.D. built into a patented optic module.
  • Li-Ion battery with no memory effect that means 300 successive cycles before needing to recharge (at least one week’s work).
Key Specifications

Unit including Lithium:

  • Ion battery Size: Ø24mm x 201mm
  • Weight: 160g


  • Working voltage: 100 V AC to 240 V AC
  • Frequency : 50 Hz to 60 Hz
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Output voltage: 0.8A

Battery Type:

  • Lithium-Ion Capacity: 2,300mAh
  • Charging time: 2 hours 30 minutes (in case battery is completely empty)

Optical specifications:

  • Wavelength: 420-480nm
  • Power: Ø7.5mm
  • light guide - 2,000mW/cm² Ø5.5mm
  • light guide - 3,000mW/cm²
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  • Unit (Handpiece + Lithium-Ion battery)
  • 7.5mm opalescent light guide
  • Base stand (battery charger)
  • Eye shield
  • Transformer
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Additional Information

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