API Ortho Instruments Kit

API Ortho Instruments Kit


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Ortho Kit
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API Ortho Instruments Kit API Ortho Instruments Kit
6 Months warranty against Rust

Set Of 10 Instruments 

  • 1 x Bracket Height Gauge (Boone's Gauge)
  • 1 x Ligature Director Scaler (12-17)
  • 1 x Ligature Director Scaler (99-285)
  • 1 x Band Pusher
  • 1 x Separating Pliers for separators
  • 1 x Band Seater
  • 1 x Band Setter
  • 1 x Dental Bracket Placing Tweezer
  • 1 x Orthodontic Elastic Placement Instruments (99-286)
  • 1 x Orthodontic Band Seating & Removing Instruments (99-283)
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Additional Information

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