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About Gc Dental

Gc is a well recognized brand in the field of DENTISTRY.They have an appreciable range of dental products that have widespread use, easy to handle and are of high quality. They are leaders in glass ionomer technology and are also known for their added expertise in the field of gypsum products, impression and investment materials.  Moreover, they are engaged in R&D constantly, so that, they are at par with the ever growing field of DENTISTRY.

Gc Dental  Product Categories at Dentalkart

1)Gc  Restoratives

Restoration is a  common type of dental treatment that is used to restore the shape and function of tooth structure that is either destroyed by caries or trauma in any form.They are further categorised as:

a) Gc Glass Ionomers Restoratives :

Glass-ionomer cements(GIC) are tooth coloured dental cements that are based on the reaction of calcium alumino fluorosilicate glassand polyacrylic acid. These cements bond excellently with the tooth structure and provide a steady fluoride release over a prolonged period of time. Following products you can buy under this category : Gc Gold Label 1, Gc gold label 2, Gc Gold Label 9, Gc Fuji 1,  Gc Fuji 2, Gc Fuji 7, Gc Fuji 9, Miracle mix.

b) Gc Composite Restoratives:

Composites are another class of tooth coloured restorative material that is widely used in dentistry.These have a Resin matrix of  Bis-GMA or (TEGMA, UDMA, HDDMA), a filler material like silica, and commonly a photoinitiator.They are extremely technique sensitive. Under this, you can buy: Gc-G Aenial Anterior and Posterior composites, Gc-G Aenial Universal Flo, Solare, Solare X.

2)Gc Luting and Lining Cements:

a) Gc  Luting Cement

 It is a viscous material that is used to adhere prosthesis to the tooth structure. It is applied on the internal surface of a clean prosthesis which is then placed on the prepared tooth structure. It usually hardens by chemical reactions.

b) Gc Lining Cements

Lining Cement is ideally used as a thin liner under composite, amalgam or porcelain restorations for dentinal sealing, pulpal protection, thermal insulation and stimulation of the formation of irregular secondary (tertiary) dentine.
Best products to buy under this is GC Gold Label 1, Gc Fuji 1, Gc G -Cem, Gc FujiCem, Gc Fuji Ortho Lc.

Apart from this Gc also has products in other important categories in dentistry like Gc Flexceed Putty and Light Body for impression making ,Gc Soft Liners and GcCoe Professional Package for relining dentures, Gc G Premio Bond and Gc G Bond Refill in Bonding systems ,Gc Caviton  and Gc Revotek Lc in Temporary  materials ,Gc Fuji Varnish ,Gc Tooth Mousse,   and many more.

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