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GDC has been founded by a group of people having a vast experience of work since 1977. For more than a decade they have been involved in the sale of Top Quality Dental instruments. All GDC instruments are made of high–quality stainless steel and correspond to the international standards laid by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 13485:2003, CE standards.

The main characteristics of GDC DENTAL INSTRUMENTS are

  • Tips manufactured with superior quality stainless steel which are resistant to Corrosion and Wear
  • Tips of the cutting instruments are manufactured with high-grade carbon stainless steel alloy that makes them efficient, long -lasting and can be resharpened with stones or sharpening machines.
  • Tips that are aligned on the central axis have optimal distribution of the weight all along the instrument’s length which gives it a perfect balance
  • Ergonomically designed handles



  • After hand or ultrasonic cleaning, the instruments should be dried
  • The cutting/sharpened instruments should be kept separate from other instruments during cleaning and sterilization procedures
  • Use of rust-inhibitor detergents for cleaning process is advised



  • GDC ORAL SURGERY and GDC IMPLANTOLOGYThe GDC instruments in this category help in various oral surgical procedures and in implant surgeries e.g. GDC Extraction Forceps,  GDC Peedo Forceps,  GDC Root Elevators, GDC Needle Holder,  GDC Bone Rongeurs and Micro Bone Rongeurs, GDC Scissors,  GDC Scalpel/BP handles,  GDC Surgical Curettes ,  GDC Retractors , GDC  Tissue Pliers , GDC Towel and dressing forceps,  GDC Bone  Chisel and Mallet , GDC Periosteal elevators, GDC  Bone file, GDC Luxatips, GDC Osteotomes, GDC Bone Calipers, GDC Bone Collectors, GDC Sinus Lift Instruments  and many more.
  • GDC DIAGNOSTIC INSTRUMENTS: The GDC instruments in this category are a pre-requisite for every Dental Clinic e.g.  GDC PMT sets (Mouth Mirror, Tweezer and Probes)
  • GDC ENDODONTIC INSTRUMENTS: The GDC instruments in this category cater to various Endodontic and Restorative procedures that are carried out routinely in a Dental clinic.e.g. GDC Composite Instruments, GDC Spoon Excavators, GDC Pluggers /Condensers, GDC Plastic Filling Instruments, GDC Burnishers, GDC Amalgam Carriers, GDC Carvers, GDC Matrix Retainers, GDC Root canal pluggers, GDC Spreaders, GDC Root Fragment Steiglitz, GDC Rubber dam kit ,and many more.

  • GDC PERIODONTAL INSTRUMENTS: The GDC instrument in this category assist the Dentist in various Periodontal Procedures and Surgeries e.g. GDC Curettes, GDC Chisels, GDC Periodontal Knives, GDC Scalers (Supragingival and Subgingival), GDC perio probes, GDC Periotomes and many more.
  • GDC ORTHODONTIC INSTRUMENTS: The GDC instruments in this category help in various Orthodontic procedures e.g GDC Orthodontic pliers, GDC Orthodontic Cutters, GDC Ligature instruments, GDC Bracket holding and placing tweezers.
  • GDC PROSTHODONTIC INSTRUMENTS: The GDC instruments in this category have various uses in the Prosthodontic department. e.g GDC Wax and modelling carvers, GDC Pocket carvers ,GDC Cement spatula, GDC Gingival Cord Packer, GDC Calliper, GDC Articulators, GDC Crown Removers, GDC Wax Knives, GDC Impression Trays, GDC Crown Removers.
  • GDC INSTRUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: GDC Cassettes for various instruments.
  • GDC INSTRUMENT KITS: GDC Composite Kits, GDC Gracey Curettes kit, GDC Root Canal Pluggers Kit, GDC Extraction Forceps kit, GDC Root Elevators kit, GDC Surgical Instrument kit, GDC Conservative Instrument Kit, GDC Perio Surgical kit, GDC Endo Surgical Kit , GDC Basic Implant Surgery Kit ,GDC Micro Surgery Kit, GDC Osteotome Kit , GDC Extraction Forceps Kit, GDC Root Elevator Kit, GDC Offer Packages and many more.
  • GDC ACCESSORIES: GDC Cotton Holders, GDC Endo Box, GDC Spirit Lamp, GDC Instrument Trays, GDC Sterilization Drum, GDC X-ray Film Hangers and many more.



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3. Strict and Stringent monitoring at every step (We procure directly from the manufacturer and our products are made to go through various quality tests to ensure that only the best product reaches you)

4. All products are of very high quality, genuine and have a longer shelf life.

5. Quickest and Fastest Delivery at your doorstep

6. 10-days Replacement policy

7. Dedicated Feedback Section: We value our customers the most and hence constantly strive for improvement by incorporating their suggestions and feedback into our system.