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Gingivitis is one of the most common dental diseases and if left untreated for long periods of time, it may cause destruction of the periodontium causing periodontitis. The important cause of gingivitis is the presence of calcular deposits along the surfaces of the tooth that result in inflammation of the gingival tissue. The removal of supraginigival and subgingival calculus was indicated to prevent the progression of gingivitis. Till the mid half of the 20 century the only method to remove calculus was by hand instrumentation. In 1950 ultrasonic scalers were introduced which were referred to as power driven scalers or machine driven scalers.

Parts of an Ultrasonic Scaler:

The component parts of an ultrasonic scaler equipment are:

· The control box which contains a power switch, water speed control, power or variable speed control.
· Handpiece cable
· Handpiece
· Ultrasonic inserts or tip

What are the types of Ultrasonic Scalers?

Ultrasonic scalers can be classified as:

·         Magnetostrictive,

·         Piezoelectric

Magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler has an elliptical pattern of vibration and all sides of the tip are active.
They operate at 18000 to 45000 cycles per second (cps).

Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler has a linear pattern of vibration and only two sides of the tip are active.
The operating speeds range from 25000 to 50000 cps.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Scalers over hand instruments:

The advances in dentistry are aimed at improving the present standards of treatment available. In the same way, ultrasonic scalers provide the following advantages over traditional hand instrumentation:

·         Sharpening of instruments not required
·         Easier debridement in inaccessible areas
·         Lesser time
·         More efficient removal of calculus
·         Less operator fatigue
·         Reduced tissue distention

Mode of action of ultrasonic scalers:

The tips of the ultrasonic scaler move back and forth thereby facilitating removal of plaque and calculus from the tooth surfaces. The acoustic streaming occurring concurrently produce a constant flushing action. This helps the scaler to remove the bacterial biofilm and loosen the debris present. The tip of the ultrasonic scaler comes in contact with the fluid to create a large amount of minute bubbles. This process is called cavitation. These bubbles implode releasing tremendous force which tears away the cell wall of the pathogens. This helps in loosening calculus and easier removal. During the process, heat is generated. Hence the tip should not be placed over a single area of the tooth for a long time. Rather the tip should constantly move over the teeth to avoid any thermal damage to the pulp.

The primary modes of action of ultrasonics are –

·         Cavitation

·         Flushing action

·         Lavage

·         Acoustic turbulence

·         Mechanical vibration

Do’s and Don't of Ultrasonic inserts:


·         Rinse and dry inserts

·         Keep inserts sealed until ready for use

·         Handle with care

·         Sterilize

·         Wipe tips with disinfectants if dried blood is present

·         Follow manufacturer’s directions


·         Put in an ultrasonic cleaner

·         Expose resin handles to phenols

·         Sterilize by dry heat or cold sterilization methods

·         Expose resin handles to phenols

·         Drop or mishandle

·         Avoid contact with incompatible chemicals (chlorides & sulphates)


What are the brands selling Ultrasonic Scalers online in India?

NSK, Woodpecker, Clinic BlueLine, Skanray and VPW are the brands selling quality dental ultrasonic scalers online in India.


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