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Woodpecker LED Curing Light

 Woodpecker LED Curing Light is a dental equipment that is used for polymerization of light cure resin base composites which can be used on several different dental materials that are curable by light. 

Advantages of woodpecker curing light:

  • Constant light Output: Solidification effect will not be affected by the consumption of remaining power. In comparison to the other curing lights in the market, the light intensity decreases with the consumption of remaining power.

  • Light hood: Studies prove that Blue-ray will cause macular degeneration to retina and eyes. Keeping this in mind, woodpecker light hood is made of selected quality materials, rejecting Blue-ray injury.
  • Battery: Woodpecker lithium battery are reliable with guaranteed safety feature unlike other batteries in the market which are without sound charge management and can easily explode under high temperature.
  • Optical fibers: Can be autoclaved under 135oC high temperature and 0.22 Mpa high pressure, effectively avoiding cross-infection.

Various LED curing light by WOODPECKER are: LED-H curing light, iLed curing light.

What are the brands other than Woodpecker selling LED curing light online in India?

  • NSK, Dentsply, J-morita, Kerr, Meta-biomed, Micro-mega, acteon, coltene-whaledent are the other brands selling quality LED curing light online in India.


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