D-Tech Versa Hook Plier

D-Tech Versa Hook Plier

D-Tech Ortho

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Versa Hook Plier
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D-Tech Versa Hook Plier

D-Tech Versa Hook Plier

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d-tech econo series brackets
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D-Tech E-Chain Dispenser
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E - Chain Dispenser
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NiTi Open Coil Spring
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D-Tech Niti Closed Coil Spring
d-tech niti closed coil spring
NiTi Closed Coil Spring
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D-Tech Orthodontic Spooled Wire
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Orthodontic Spooled Wire
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D-Tech Ligature Wire
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Ligature Wire
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D-Tech Distal Bender
d-tech distal bender
Distal Bender
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D-Tech Weldable Buccal Tubes
d-tech weldable buccal tubes
Weldable Buccal Tubes
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D-Tech Cera Mesh Ceramic Brackets
d-tech cera mesh ceramic brackets
Polycrystalline ceramic brackets
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D-Tech Precimax Mim Brackets
d-tech precimax mim brackets
Precimax MIM Brackets
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D-Tech Crimpable Hook
d-tech crimpable hook
Crimpable Hook
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D-Tech Radiopaque Separator Module
d-tech radiopaque separator module
Radiopaque Separator Module
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D-Tech Iridium Mini Brackets
d-tech iridium mini brackets
Iridium Mini Brackets
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D-Tech Cera Glide Ceramic Brackets With Metal Slot
d-tech cera glide ceramic brackets with metal slot
Polycrystalline ceramic brackets
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D-Tech Lingual Button
d-tech lingual button
Lingual Button
  • Starting at: ₹332.00

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D-Tech Platinum Mini Twin Brackets
d-tech platinum mini twin brackets
Platinum Mini Twin Brackets
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D-Tech Econo Mini Brackets
d-tech econo mini brackets
Roth prescription mini brackets
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D-Tech Beggs Bracket
d-tech beggs bracket
Beggs Bracket
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D-Tech Elastomeric E-Chain
d-tech elastomeric e-chain
Elastomeric E-Chain
  • Starting at: ₹625.00

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