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Calcium Hydroxide paste
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Premixed and non setting radio opaque Calcium Hydroxide paste with Barium sulphate for direct pulp capping.

Premixed and non setting radio opaque Calcium Hydroxide paste with Barium sulphate for direct pulp capping.

  • Highly alkaline nature helps to neutralise free acids of restorative materials
  • Easy cleaning and removal
  • Easy application through syringes.
  • It reduces hypersensitivity of dentine.
  • High percentage of clacium hydroxide content helps the neoformation of secondary dentine.
  • It ensures perfect pulp protection.
  • It provides radiopacity for checking treatment.
Key Specifications
  •  Calcium Hydroxide Paste
  •  Easy application through syringes
  •  It reduces hypersensitivity of dentine
  • 1x3g syringe
  • 3 x applicator tips
Additional Information

Additional Information

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