Deor Deo Glint

Deor Deo Glint


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Polishing Paste
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Composite polishing paste containing Potassium nitrate with mint flavour.

Composite polishing paste containing Potassium nitrate with mint flavour.

  • Enhances the esthetic finish of all composite and restorations.
  • Imparts a life like gloss without anatomical reduction.
  • Efficiently and rapidly polishes,minimising chair time.
  • The polished resin's lustre improves wear resistance and the restoration's longevity.
  • It can remove rubber debris also.
  • Easy application and removal.
  • Washes off easily.
Key Specifications

Composite polishing paste containing Potassium nitrate with mint flavour.

  •  Efficient
  •  It can remove rubber debris also
  •  Easy application and removal
  •  Washes off easily
Additional Information

Additional Information

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