Dentsply Endo Activator (75 Free Tips)

Dentsply Endo Activator (75 Free Tips)


IntracanalIrrigant Activator
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The EndoActivator from DENTSPLY Maillefer is a sonic device which uses cavitation and acoustic streaming to ‘activate’ irrigation solutions to assist in debridement and the disruption of the smear layer and biofilm.

The EndoActivator from DENTSPLY Maillefer is a sonic device which uses cavitation and acoustic streaming to ‘activate’ irrigation solutions to assist in debridement and the disruption of the smear layer and biofilm.


Activates’ irrigants to assist in better cleaning of the canal: Better removal of debris and bacteria which improves the possibility of a successful root canal treatment outcome

Non-cutting polymer tip which won’t cut dentine even in narrow, curved canals: Allows vigorous cleaning of canals and lateral canals without the risk of creating a further smear layer

Integrates easily into any endodontic technique: An instant and cost effective way to improve endodontic outcomes without being technique sensitive

Directions to use


1) Prepare canal to produce a fully tapered shape.

2) Fill pulp chamber with NaOCl, EDTA, or other final rinse solution.

3) Select the Activator tip that manually fits loosely within 2 mm of working length.

4) Place the barrier sleeve over the complete length of the handpiece.

5) Attach the Activator tip over the barrier-protected handpiece. The Activator should snap on firmly, promoting a secure connection with the handpiece.

6) Place the attached Activator tip into the prepared root canal.

7) Depress the ON/OFF switch to activate. Note: Switch defaults to high speed upon activation. Depress the 3-speed switch to select medium speed or low speed.

8) Use a pumping action to move the handpiece/Activator in short 2-3 mm vertical strokes.

9) Hydrodynamically agitate the intracanal solution for 30-60 seconds.

10) Irrigate, then use intracanal suction to eliminate loose debris.

11) Repeat the above steps for each intracanal irrigant used.

When the clinical procedure has been completed, remove the attached tip by grasping the large circular clean guard portion of the connected Activator with fingers and snap off. Pull the Activator off the handpiece by firmly supporting the contra-angled neck of the handpiece. Next, remove the barrier sleeve and discard. Activator tips and protective barrier sleeves are intended for single-patient use only.

1 Year Warranty against the manufacturing defect

• EndoActivator Handpiece

• 1 x Small (25), Medium (25) and Large (25) Activator Tips (75 tips total).

• 1 x Barriers (100 barriers)

• Instructional DVD

• Sequence Card


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Additional Information

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