Septodont Endomethasone N ( Liquid+Powder )

Septodont Endomethasone N ( Liquid+Powder )


ZOE Based Root Canal Sealer
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  • Zinc oxide eugenol-based endodontic cement


  • Permanent root canal filling and sealing in dental procedures with systematic insertion of Gutta-Percha points.


  • Zinc oxide eugenol-based endodontic cement


  • Permanent root canal filling and sealing in dental procedures with systematic insertion of Gutta-Percha points.


  • Radiopaque for easy short & long-term follow up.
  • Neither resorbable after setting nor retractable to allow stable root canal obturation.
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce post-operative flare ups.
  • Conventional powder liquid presentation to adjust the cement viscosity to the obturation technique.
Key Specifications


  • Hydrocortisone acetate .......................................................... 1.0 g
  • Excipients: thymol iodide, barium sulfate, zinc oxide, magnesium stearate ............................................... 100,0 g


  • Do not use in combination with composite materials, since eugenol-based preparations inhibit their polymerisation.


  • Do not store above 25°C and protect from moisture.


Directions to use
  • The treated tooth should be isolated (using a cotton roll or a rubber dam).
  • After carefully shaping the canal, cleaning it with an antiseptic solution, rinsing it and drying it with paper points, prepare the canal paste extemporaneously, progressively pouring the powder into the liquid (eugenol or ENDOMETHASONE Liquid) at a ratio of 2 spoonfuls of powder to 3-6 drops of liquid, until the paste has the consistency required for the selected filling technique: - using a paste carrier - and/or by coating Gutta-Percha points with a cement sealer for condensation techniques.
  • Then fill the root canal using a paste-carrier and position into the paste one or several Gutta-Percha points, which have previously been adapted to the canal shape.
  • Take X-rays to ensure that root canals have been thoroughly filled.

  •  14g Powder & 10ml Liquid
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Additional Information

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