GC tooth mousse (1+1) OFFER

GC tooth mousse (1+1) OFFER


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Topical Dental Creme

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Price as configured: ₹1,428.00

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To provide extra protection for teeth of pregnant mothers and children under six

Restores balance after tooth whitening procedures and reduces resulting sensitivity

To provide extra protection for teeth of pregnant mothers and children under six

Restores balance after tooth whitening procedures and reduces resulting sensitivity

  • Delivers RECALDENT - (CPP-ACP) to restore mineral balance in the oral environment
  • Provides extra protection for teeth
  • Helps neutralize acid challenges from acidogenic bacteria in plaque and other internal and external acid sources
  • Tastes delicious and makes teeth feel smoother and cleaner
Directions to use
  • The creme is applied to tooth surfaces once or twice a day (depending on the dentist prescription) and left for 3 minutes.
  • The tongue is then used to spread the applied creme throughout the mouth and held for a further 1-2 minutes.
  • The longer GC Tooth Mousse and saliva are maintained in the mouth, the more effective the result.
  • The patient expectorates and if possible avoids rinsing. Any creme remaining on the surface can be left to gradually dissipate.
  • Patient is advised not to eat or drink 30 minutes following application.

1+1 offer (40G TUBE)

Expiry date: 2019-11-02

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