GDC Filling Instruments S/10 Ring handle Instruments Kit (FIWC10)

GDC Filling Instruments S/10 Ring handle Instruments Kit (FIWC10)


Filling Instruments
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Filling Instruments (Set Of 10) With Cassette (FIWC10)

Filling Instruments (Set Of 10) With Cassette (FIWC10)


Filling Instruments S/10 Ring Handle w cassette

  • 1 x Explorer # Double Ended #4 (EXD5)
  • 1 x Spoon Excavator #4
  • 1 x Ball Burnisher #4
  • 1 x PLUGGER Serrated #4
  • 1 x Hatchet #4 (CP53/54)
  • 1 x #4 (PF2)
  • 1 x #4 (MT28H)
  • 1 x #4 (MT29H)
  • 1 x #4 (CVHL3S)
  • 1 x #4 (CVWR1S)
  • 1 x Cassette For 10 Instruments (IMSCA10)
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Additional Information

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