Gdc Root Elevators S/9 With Cassette (Repwc9)

Gdc Root Elevators S/9 With Cassette (Repwc9)


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Periodontal Instruments
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GDC Root Elevators S/9 with Cassette (REPWC9) GDC Root Elevators S/9 with Cassette (REPWC9)

Root Elevators premium S/9 with cassette

  • 1 x Flohr Root Elevators premium (E1FP)
  • 1 x Flohr Root Elevators premium (E2FP)
  • 1 x Flohr Root Elevators premium (E3FP)
  • 1 x Cryer # Left Root Elevators premium (E31P)
  • 1 x Cryer # Right Root Elevators premium (E32P)
  • 1 x Coupland Right Root Elevators premium (EA1CP)
  • 1 x London Hospital  Root Elevators premium (E20HP)
  • 1 x Cross-bar Elevator # Left (EWC12LP)
  • 1 x Cross-bar Elevator # Right (EWC12RP)
  • 1 x Cassette For Root Elevators (IMSCDRE)
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Additional Information

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