Maarc Die Hardner

Maarc Die Hardner


Die Hardner
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Die Hardner Color Transparent


  • Used in laboratorical procedures for hardening the die stone plaster

Die Hardner Color Transparent


  • Used in laboratorical procedures for hardening the die stone plaster
  • It produces a homogenous coating on the die stone and plaster attributed to its viscosity.
  • It seals, hardens and water proofs stone and plaster.
  • It protects models against abrasion specifically at marginal area which is most prone to breakage.
  • The film does not disassociate from the die while building wax pattern due to heating.
  • It is rapid setting and thereby reduces working time.
Key Specifications
  • Produces a homogenous coating
  • Protects models against abrasion
  • Reduces working time
  • 1 x 100ml glass bottle
  • 1 x 10ml applicator bottle
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Additional Information

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