Gdc Offer Package Set Instruments Kit (OPS)

Gdc Offer Package Set Instruments Kit (OPS)


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New clinic setup offer kit
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  • GDC Tooth Forceps Set
  • Root Elevators
  • Crown Remover
  • Surgical Instruments Set of 10 Pcs
  • PMT Set
  • Filling Instruments





  • GDC Tooth Forceps Set
  • Root Elevators
  • Crown Remover
  • Surgical Instruments Set of 10 Pcs
  • PMT Set
  • Filling Instruments





6 Months warranty against Rust

6 kits

Forceps kit includes -12 forceps

  • 1 x Upper Anteriors #1 (FX1S)
  • 1 X Upper Premolars #7 (FX7S)
  • 1 x Upper Molars Right #17 (FX17S)
  • 1 x Upper Molars Left #18 (FX18S)
  • 1 x Upper Roots #51A (FX51AS)
  • 1 x Upper Third Molars #67A (FX67AS)
  • 1 x Upper Molars Right (Cowhorn) #89 (FX89S)
  • 1 x Upper Molars Left (Cowhorn) #90 (FX90S)
  • 1 x Lower Premolars #13 (FX13S)
  • 1 x Lower Molars #73 (FX73S)
  • 1 x Lower Roots #74 (FX74S)
  • 1 x Lower Molars (Cowhorn) #86 (FX86S)

Elevator kit includes - 9 elevators

  • 1 x Flohr Root Elevators Standard (E1F)
  • 1 x Flohr  Root Elevators Standard (E2F)
  • 1 x Flohr  Root Elevators Standard (E3F)
  • 1 x Cryer # Left Root Elevators Standard (E31)
  • 1 x Cryer # Right Root Elevators Standard (E32)
  • 1 x Coupland Root Elevators Standard (EA1C)
  • 1 x London Hospital Root Elevators Standard (E20H)
  • 1 x Cross-bar Elevator # Left Root Elevators Standard (EWC12L)
  • 1 x Cross-bar Elevator # Right Root Elevators Standard (EWC12R)

Surgical kit includes- 10 instruments

Round Solid Handle 14.5cm # straight
Kelly # Straight (14cm)  artery forceps
Mayo-Hegar # Straight (16cm) needle holder
Iris # Curved (11.5cm) scissor
Iris # Straight (11.5cm) scissor
Moon's Probe
Surgical curette Lucas
Bone Miller # 52
Molt-9 Large # 1 elevator

PMT SET includes - probe + mirror + handle + mirror top

Filling set includes- 12 instruments

Explorer # Double Ended #1
Spoon Excavator #1
Ball Burnisher #1
PLUGGER Serrated #1
Hatchet #1
#1- Plastic filling instrument
#1 - Margin trimmer
#1 - Margin trimmer
#1 - Hollenback carver
#1 - Wards carver
Diamond Carver #1 # Small
#1 - Plastic filling instrument

Standard Crown remover - Automatic with 7 tips and 1 key wrench set

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Tension free kit

It is a true product to buy with closed eyes. Complete kit for a new setup. One can Blindly go with the product and remain tension free. No need to scroll for indivisual instrument sets. It really ended up my confusion while purchasing for my new clinic setup.
Product Rating
Great Combo!

Its a great combo for dentists who plan to open up a new clinic, all the instruments have been presented properly in this kit.I saw it for the first time on Dentalkart and they guided me properly about it. Its a Must for every clinic i feel.
Product Rating

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