ORO Premium Heavy Body

ORO Premium Heavy Body


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Heavy Body Material
New 2100





Oro Premium Heavy Body Oro Premium Heavy Body
  • Excellent hydrophilic.
  • High viscosity enables light body or double arch technique impression without leakage on the tray.
  • Excellent hydrophilic enables best impression without air bubble in the wet mouth.
  • Excellent material for 1~3Br works at mouth and good for detail impression of supporting teeth.
Directions to use
  • Auto Type
  • Insert the cartridge into the dispenser.
  • Squeeze little bit until base and catalyst drain together without blocking.
  • Insert the mixing tip into the cartridge and turn it 90  to the clock wise direction.
  • Pull the trigger slowly for good mixing of the materials.

  • 2 x 50ml Cartridge
Additional Information

Additional Information

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