Angelus Reforpost Intro Kit

Angelus Reforpost Intro Kit


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Fiber post
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Fiber post Fiber post
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Angelus Reforpost Fibre Glass Kit
angelus reforpost fibre glass kit
Intraradicular Post
  • Starting at: Rs.3,454.00

    1.3% off
Angelus Reforpost Fibre Glass - Refill
angelus reforpost fibre glass - refill
Intraradicular Post
  • Starting at: Rs.2,100.00

    12.5% off
Angelus Opak
angelus opak
  • Starting at: Rs.950.00

    9.5% off
Angelus Autoclavable Impression Trays
angelus autoclavable impression trays
Impression Trays
  • Starting at: Rs.550.00

    4.3% off
Angelus Mta Fillapex Small Tube 12gm
angelus mta fillapex small tube 12gm
Root Canal Sealant
  • Rs.4,000.00


    bulk price: Rs.3,450.00
    12.5% off
Angelus Mta Fillapex Smartmix Syringe (4 gm)
angelus mta fillapex smartmix syringe (4 gm)
Root Canal Sealer
  • Rs.2,400.00


    bulk price: Rs.2,075.00
    6.3% off
Angelus Reforpost Metallic Mini Kit
angelus reforpost metallic mini kit
Metallic Post
  • Rs.3,000.00


    11.3% off
Angelus Mta - 1 Gm White
angelus mta - 1 gm white
Intracanal Medicament
  • Rs.4,500.00


    bulk price: Rs.3,900.00
    12.2% off
Angelus MTA Repair HP
angelus mta repair hp
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate
  • Starting at: Rs.2,250.00

    6.3% off

Sold out

Angelus MZ Primer
angelus mz primer
Adhesive for Metal & Zirconia
  • Rs.3,000.00


    bulk price: Rs.2,600.00
    12.5% off
Angelus Reforpin Universal Pack
angelus reforpin universal pack
Glass Fiber Post
  • Starting at: Rs.580.00

    17.1% off

Sold out

Angelus Mta (2 Dose)
angelus mta (2 dose)
Reparative Cement
  • Rs.2,850.00


    bulk price: Rs.2,480.00
    12.5% off
Angelus Interlig (Fiber Splint)
angelus interlig (fiber splint)
Braided glass fiber splint (pack of 3)
  • Rs.3,750.00


    bulk price: Rs.3,250.00
    12.1% off
Angelus Reforpost Metallic Refill
angelus reforpost metallic refill
Intraradicular Post
  • Starting at: Rs.580.00

    3.3% off
Angelus Reforpost Mix - Refill
angelus reforpost mix - refill
Carbon Fiber Post
  • Starting at: Rs.1,220.00

    18.7% off
Angelus Reforpost Carbon Fiber - Refill
angelus reforpost carbon fiber - refill
Intraradicular Post
  • Starting at: Rs.1,220.00

    18.7% off
Angelus Exacto Refill Pack
angelus exacto refill pack
Glass Fiber Conical Post
  • Starting at: Rs.2,055.00

    17.8% off
Angelus Exacto Trial Pack
angelus exacto trial pack
Glass Fiber Conical Post
  • Starting at: Rs.2,495.00

    16.8% off
Angelus Pinjet
angelus pinjet
Pins for fabrication of metal posts
  • Rs.600.00


    17.5% off
Angelus Flex Surgical Ejector
angelus flex surgical ejector
Surgical Ejector
  • Rs.2,500.00


    bulk price: Rs.2,100.00
    15% off

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