Angelus Reforpost Metallic Mini Kit (7492)

Angelus Reforpost Metallic Mini Kit (7492)


Metallic Post
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  • Support of restorations and prosthetic crowns


  • Support of restorations and prosthetic crowns
  • Direct use (prefabricated): saves clinical time and decreases lab costs
  • Standardized according to Largo burs (Largo 2): easy to use
  • Versatility of sizes (4 sizes): easy do adapt
  • Not srew-retained: no generation of stresses
  • Sandblasted surface: excellent retention for the cement
Key Specifications

Why is the metal post still so used if the fiber post has so many advantages for the tooth?
Metal posts cost less than fiber posts and can also be placed in only one clinical session.

Reforpost Metal is not screwable

Reforpost Metal must be cemented passively. Screwable posts are harmful to the dental structures and lead to a greater probability for root fractures. 

Reforpost Metal can be used in anterior teeth
But in these cases the post must be masked by an opaque resin (OPAK-ANGELUS).

Material which can be used to cement Reforpost Metal
Any kind of cement (zinc phosphate, glass ionomer or resin cements). Resin cements present the best mechanical properties. Among them, the self cured resin cement is the best indication for posts.

Directions to use

1. Prepare the root canal with Largo drill 2.

2. Selection of REFORPOST®.

3. Filling the root canal with selected cement.

4. Placement of REFORPOST® into the canal. With REFORPOST® properly located in the root canal, gently twist the key to lock the post (1/4 of a clockwise turn).

5. Proceed with core build-up.

CAUTIONS: prefabricated posts must be used only with 2 mm of remaining coronal structure. Use only to support restorations or single crowns.


Reforpost Stainless Steel Mini Kit -

  • 20 posts  (5 units of each size)
  • 1 size 2 Largo bur,
  • Radiographic guide
  • Post key
Additional Information

Additional Information

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