Shofu Np Alloy Adjustment Kit Hp

Shofu Np Alloy Adjustment Kit Hp


Finishing & Polishing kit for Non-precious alloy
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A specially selected assortment for adjusting non-precious alloys chairside or in the laboratory.

A specially selected assortment for adjusting non-precious alloys chairside or in the laboratory.

  • Lab Series stones are made of pure aluminium oxide for adjusting PFM alloy without any hassle of carbon contamination while Hardies smoothen away fine scratches and assure fast polishing of the metal surface
  • Use for chairside adjustments of nickel-chrome or chrome-cobalt prostheses and for polishing adjusted surfaces.
  • Lab Series White stones for adjusting
  • Hardie points for polishing
  • Handpiece kit Available in a plastic kit
  • Use NP Alloy Adjustment kit for : non-precious alloys
Key Specifications


Rotation Speed
Maximum Permissible
Rotation Speed
Hardie 5,000 - 30,000 rpm Max. 30,000 rpm
Lab Series White Stone 5,000 - 30,000 rpm Max. 30,000 rpm
  • 2 x No.1 Lab Series White Stones for adjustment
  • 2 x No.2 Lab Series White Stones
  • 2 x No.3 Lab Series White Stones
  • 2 x No.4 Lab Series White Stones
  • 2 x No.5 Lab Series White Stones
  • 2 x Hardie-Black (PC2) for polishing
Additional Information

Additional Information

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