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Tooth Brush
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  • Compact head toothbrush that cleans even the last teeth.
  • Compact head toothbrush that cleans even the last teeth.
  • Extra Super Soft bristles, made by Dupont.
  • Attractive double component longer handle for better grip.
  • Made from rubber & plastic, with straight cut & rounded bristles which massage the gums without causing injury.
  • A Slim & Short compact toothbrush head which reaches upto the last molar & cleans gum lines too.
Directions to use
  • Brush for 2 minutes, twice, everyday, holding the toothbrush at a 45° degree angle.
  • Make sure to brush both inside & outside the teeth. Hold the brush in the right hand, and insert in the mouth between the cheek & the left upper molars, until it reaches right upto the last molar.
  • The bristles should be upward facing, resting on the outer upper gums, at a 45° degree angle.
  • Dr. Dentaids recommends that the pressure applied whilst brushing be minimal as excess pressure erodes enamel.

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