Shofu Super Snap Mini Kit CA

Shofu Super Snap Mini Kit CA


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Designed as an introductory kit with all the colour coded grits (Black, Violet, Green, Red) in 12 mm and 8 mm diameter

Designed as an introductory kit with all the colour coded grits (Black, Violet, Green, Red) in 12 mm and 8 mm diameter

  • The unmounted Super-Snap Disks are designed with soft, safe plastic snap-on mounts for mandrels.
  • Non-metal centre to prevent gouging or discolouration of composite surfaces.
  • Improved mandrel design with christmas tree shaped mount for retention and maximum control.
  • Mini disks provide perfect control when polishing cervical areas.
  • Disks are available in 4 different colour coded grits in 12mm & 8mm diameter:
  • Black - for Contouring
  • Violet - for finishing
  • Green - for polishing
  • Red - for Superpolishing

1 Kit:

  • 4 different color coded grits(48 disks):
  • (Black , Violet , Green , Red) in diameter of 12mm & 8mm
  • 1 x CompoSite Fine Midi- Point
  • 1 x Mandrel
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