TP Ortho Tip-Edge Plus Non-Extn (Non-Oriented) Bracket Kit - 296-600

TP Ortho Tip-Edge Plus Non-Extn (Non-Oriented) Bracket Kit - 296-600


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Metal Bracket Kit
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Tip-Edge Plus Non-Extn Bracket Kit (5 x 5)

Fewer appointments. Proven results. 

The versatile system for moving teeth quickly and comfortably, so you get results with fewer appointments and less overall treatment time.

Tip-Edge Plus Non-Extn Bracket Kit (5 x 5)

Fewer appointments. Proven results. 

The versatile system for moving teeth quickly and comfortably, so you get results with fewer appointments and less overall treatment time.

  • Highest quality results with fewer appointments Tip-Edge PLUS Stainless Steel Brackets feature a patented design that provides programmed treatment from start to finish. Teeth move naturally, with very light forces and little anchorage strain.
  • Improved vertical control : The difference with the Tip-Edge® design is the innovative “deep tunnel” lingual horizontal archwire slot, which permits mesiodistal uprighting and torquing from the power of a pre-formed nickel titanium wire. Vertical and horizontal control is assured by passive rectangular archwires.
  • Unprecedented treatment without the need for headgear, implants or functional appliances
  • Pre-adjusted to capture 100% torque and tip – zero-tolerance finish
  • Extremely light forces – only 1 to 3 ounces
  • Automatic rotational control
  • Eliminates unwanted torque reaction to adjacent teeth
  • PrimeKote® polymer technology : Tip-Edge PLUS brackets are coated with a patented PrimeKote® polymer interface to improve bond strength and provide fast and easy clean up. PrimeKote is an advanced polymer technology that offers unsurpassed performance, providing a more durable bond between the metal mesh base and bonding adhesive providing.
  • Contamination resistance : PrimeKote absorbs minimal amounts of moisture while the chemical interaction occurs. It is part of the bonding reaction which occurs as a result of combining the bonding adhesive with the chemically enhanced bonding base.
  • Expiration-free surface seal : Protects against oxidation that continues as the product is stored for future use.
  • Simplified debonding : The chemically treated bonding surface provides a strong bond to the metal base. This chemical enhancement ensures maximum adhesive transfer during debonding. Enamel clean up is limited with more adhesive transferring to the bonding base.Enhanced bond strength, simplified clean up
  • Unsurpassed in performance, PrimeKote technology ensures bond durability and simplifies the debonding process to finish treatment faster. PrimeKote creates a chemical bond so that adhesive clings to the base of the bracket at debonding¹.
  • Longer shelf life : Brackets treated with PrimeKote have been shown to retain initial bond strength even after two years². The surface seal prevents oxidation so brackets are ready for treatment when you are.


1 Kit (5 x 5)
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