Voco Argion Gic 15g

Voco Argion Gic 15g


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Glass ionomer Cement
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Argion :

Water-mixable silver-reinforced glass ionomer filling cement


  • Core build-up
  • Restoration of deciduous teeth
  • Build-up fillings and lining

Argion :

Water-mixable silver-reinforced glass ionomer filling cement


  • Core build-up
  • Restoration of deciduous teeth
  • Build-up fillings and lining
  • Very good radiopacity
  • Continuous high fluoride release
  • High compressive strength
  • Simply mixed with water
  • All ingredients pre-dosed in powder form
  • No overacidification
Directions to use
  • Argion’s adhesion to enamel and dentine prevents marginal leaks and creates retentions. Undercuts give additional hold to the filling. The layer thickness of the fillings should be at least 1 mm.
  • Clean the cavity (for instance with a 3 % hydrogen peroxide) and then rinse carefully with water and dry with an air jet. If the remaining dentine is thicker than 1.5 mm, no additional lining is necessary.
  • To avoid pulp irritations which may occur in case of insufficient dentine thickness, covering of the areas near the pulp with calcium hydroxide is recommended.
  • Attention! Mix Argion only with water. Shake powder well before use
  • Apply Argion at room temperature (19 °C - 23 °C). In case of high temperatures using a cooled glass plate is recommended.
  • Place Argion powder on a glass plate or suitable mixing pad and mix the powder portion by portion into the water. Use 1 drop of water for 1 level measuring scoop of powder (this corresponds to a mixing ratio of powder/water = 7 : 1).
  • When dispensing the water, hold the dropper bottle in an absolutely vertical position, making sure that the metal cannula protrudes approx. 2 - 3 mm above the top.
  • Do not use drops for mixing that flow out when tilting the bottle. A strong plastic spatula or another abrasion resistant spatula should be used for mixing. Mix on a glass plate or other nonabsorbent surface. Start mixing in larger portions and continue with smaller ones.
  • Mixing time is approx. 50 - 60 s. Do not exceed 1 min.
  • Argion can be worked for approx. 2 min. from the end of the mixing procedure (room temperature). Argion’s setting time is approximately 2 - 3 min after the filling has been inserted into the cavity.
  • The working area must be kept dry during the filling procedure. Application of rubberdam is recommended. Linings and build-up fillings can be carefully worked after setting (approximately 4 - 6 min after insertion).
  • Fillings should be at least 1 mm deep. Prevent feather-shaped margins. When in doubt, prepare in a conventional way.
  • Argion is susceptible to water contamination during the setting phase. Immediately cover the filling with a strip, matrix or a protective varnish after application.
  • Rough excess material should be removed immediately. Upon removal of the strips or matrix, the filling must be completely covered again with protective varnish.
  • In fillings, finishing and contouring (flexible disc) should be done no earlier than 15 min after application. Repeat varnish and allow to set. The best results for final polishing are obtained 24 h after the filling has been inserted

  • 1 x 15g Powder with dropping bottle
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Additional Information

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