Voco Bifix Se Quickmix Syringe

Voco Bifix Se Quickmix Syringe


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Composite Based Luting System
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Bifix SE:

Dual-curing self-adhesive composite-based luting system


  • Definitive luting of inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges made from ceramic, zirconia, composite and/or metal
  • Definitive luting of metal, ceramic and fibre-reinforced posts

Bifix SE:

Dual-curing self-adhesive composite-based luting system


  • Definitive luting of inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges made from ceramic, zirconia, composite and/or metal
  • Definitive luting of metal, ceramic and fibre-reinforced posts
  • No etching, no bonding
  • Short intraoral setting time
  • Easiest excess removal
  • Very good adhesion to all materials
  • Very low water solubility
  • No mixing mistakes
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Available in three colours
Key Specifications

Working time: 90 s (23 °C)

Intraoral working time after insertion: 30 - 60 s

Setting time: 4 min (37 °C)

Directions to use

Removing the temporary and preparing the cavity

  • Remove the temporary and thoroughly clean the cavity or prepared core, e.g. using oil- and fluoride-free cleaning paste.


  • Check the fit and contact points of the definitive restoration. If silicone has been used for verification, thoroughly remove silicone residues afterwards. Checking the occlusion on glass-ceramic restorations should only be carried out after definitive luting to reduce the risk of fracture. Remove any residue from the surface of the tooth and restoration after completing the try-in. Prepare the restoration according to the manufacturer’s instructions and dry it carefully. Dry the surface of the tooth, preferably with either a foam pellet or gentle puffs of air, leaving the dentine slightly moist.

Inserting the restoration

  • Due to technical reasons, there may be slight differences in the filling levels of the syringe chambers prior to first use. Therefore remove the syringe cap and extract material until both chambers deliver uniformly. Then fit a mixing tip type 14 or 15. The notches on the syringe and the mixing tip must line up exactly. Turn the mixing tip 90° clockwise to lock the tip into place. If necessary an intraoral tip type 1 can be attached to the end of the mixing tip type 15. To guarantee homogeneous mixing of both pastes, please discard the first 2 mm of the extracted material. After that, apply the material immediately and directly onto the prepared contact surfaces. Insert the restoration with the aim of leaving a small amount of excess material. Either replace transport cap or use the attached mixing tip as a cap.

Removal of excess material

  • Remove excess material from difficult to reach areas first. Clean contact points and interproximal areas with dental floss. Excess cement can be removed with a suitable instrument (scaler) either during the gel phase (ca. 60 - 90 s after insertion) or after brief light-curing (1 - 2 s). Larger amounts of excess material are easier to remove. The restoration must be held in position during the polymerisation phase. As an alternative, any coarse pieces of excess luting composite can be removed with a foam pellet or a similar object immediately after insertion. Leave a small amount of excess material and cover it with a glycerine gel (air-block) or light-cure it.


  • Polymerisation time can be controlled with additional light-curing. Cure translucent restorations with light for 20 s on each side. Light-curing the luting gap for 10 s on each side is recommended for opaque restorations. The autopolymerisation of Bifix SE is completed 4 min after insertion.


  • Excess material can be worked immediately after polymerisation. Remove cured excess material with a finishing diamond or flexible polishing disc. Finish approximal areas with finishing/polishing strips.

  • 1 x QuickMix syringe 5g transparent
  • Accessories
Additional Information

Additional Information

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