Voco Ionoseal Syringe Refills

Voco Ionoseal Syringe Refills


Light cure Glass Ionomer Composite
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Voco Ionoseal Refill Syringe 1 x 2.5g



Voco Ionoseal Refill Syringes 3 x 2.5g





Ionoseal :

Light-curing ready-for-use glass ionomer composite cement


  • Lining under all types of filling material
  • Extended fissure sealing
  • Restoration of smaller lesions

Ionoseal :

Light-curing ready-for-use glass ionomer composite cement


  • Lining under all types of filling material
  • Extended fissure sealing
  • Restoration of smaller lesions
  • Ready-for-use one-component material
  • Time-saving: light-curing in seconds
  • Quick and hygienic application
  • High compressive strength (226 MPa)
  • Fluoride release against secondary caries
  • High biocompatibility
  • Radiopaque
Key Specifications
  • Store Ionoseal tightly closed and light-protected at room temperatures between 4 °C - 23 °C.
  • Refrigeration prolongs the shelf life.
  • Prior to application, the material must reach room temperature again.
Directions to use
  • Prepare the cavity according to the rules of the filling technique. The tooth surface should be fully dried. Avoid contamination.
  • Cover areas in proximity of the pulp with a calcium hydroxide preparation. It is recommended to provide an adhesive bond (especially in cavities that do not have enamel on all sides).
  • Ionoseal tube/syringe: Apply the required quantity of Ionoseal directly from the tube onto the instrument or apply directly from the syringe. Avoid contamination and disinfect after use. For linings in excess of 1 mm thickness, apply and cure in layers. In order to ensure the function of the nondripping syringe do not pull back the plunger during or after use.
  • To light-cure this material, conventional polymerisation devices are suited. The light output should be a minimum of 500 mW/cm2 for halogen polymerisation devices and 300 mW/cm2 for LED devices. Light source should be positioned as close as possible to the surface (approx. 2 mm). Cure for at least 20 s. For a greater distance, prolong curing time.
  • Finish the Ionoseal surface with a rotary instrument and place the filling.


Ionoseal Refill Syringe 1 x 2.5g:

  • 1 x 2.5g Syringe

Ionoseal Refill Syringe 3 x 2.5g:

  • 3 x 2.5g Syringes
Additional Information

Additional Information

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