Waldent EndoPro Cordless Endomotor

Waldent EndoPro Cordless Endomotor


Cordless Endomotor
Warranty is 1 year - from both dentalkart and waldent innovations pvt ltd
All Spare parts are available
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Waldent introduces Cordless Endomotor with optimum freedom making conventional endodontics better & efficient. EndoPro amazes as a cordless endomotor with brilliant & smart optimization for Advanced Endodontics.Optimum head size enables better view for the endodontists thus, enhancing their efficiency.




  • When the resistance higher than the torque , there is no automatic reverse , and the equipment will stop working.


  • It will keep forward and reverse circularly , the time would be forward 1/2 seconds, reverse 1/4 seconds


  • When the resistance higher than the torque , the equipment will auto-reverse , and then stop after the resistance disappeared.


  • When the resistance higher than the torque , the equipment will auto-reverse, and will be forward again after the resistance disappeared.


Waldent introduces Cordless Endomotor with optimum freedom making conventional endodontics better & efficient. EndoPro amazes as a cordless endomotor with brilliant & smart optimization for Advanced Endodontics.Optimum head size enables better view for the endodontists thus, enhancing their efficiency.




  • When the resistance higher than the torque , there is no automatic reverse , and the equipment will stop working.


  • It will keep forward and reverse circularly , the time would be forward 1/2 seconds, reverse 1/4 seconds


  • When the resistance higher than the torque , the equipment will auto-reverse , and then stop after the resistance disappeared.


  • When the resistance higher than the torque , the equipment will auto-reverse, and will be forward again after the resistance disappeared.


  • Flawless Safety Functions:

The autoreverse and autoforward modes with automatic safety stop minimize the risk of file breakage.

  • Ergonomic Design:

EndoPro has ergonomic design which makes it fit for the dentist's use. 

  • Slim body:

The slim body and extremely small head allow optimal visibility during procedures.

  • Hygiene and maintenance:

The contra-angle head is sterilizable and thermodisinfectable. Handpiece drive and charging station can be disinfected through wiping down, can be cleaned with a soft cloth with ethanol

  • Contra-angle attachment with extremely small head
  • Auto reverse and auto forward mode
  • Reliability with long-life Li-ion battery
Key Specifications


Battery Voltage DC 3.7V
Battery Capacity 1050mAh
Preset Programs 9 Types
Working Modes 4 Kinds
Standard Configuration Contra-Angle  16:01
Weight 230g
Rated Input Voltage AC 110-220
Output Voltage DC 5V
Output Current 1A
Directions to use

Program Functions:

Program Speed (rpm) Torque (N.cm) Function
Program 1   140 0.3 Automatic Stop Working Mode
Program 2   180 0.8 Forward & Reverse Reciprocation Motion Working Mode
Program 3   200 1 Automatic Reverse & Stop working Mode
Program 4   250 1.2 Auto-continuous working mode
Program 5   300 1.5 Automatic Reverse & stop working Mode
Program 6   350 1.8 Automatic Reverse & stop working Mode
Program 7   400 2 Automatic Reverse & stop working Mode
Program 8   500 2.2 Forward & Reverse Reciprocation Motion Working Mode

1 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defect on Endomotor ( 6months warranty on Battery )
  • 1 x Endomotor Unit
  • 1 x Charging Unit
  • 1 x Power Adapter


  • EndoRing
  • Endoguard

 For Handpiece Head: Click here to buy the Waldent Endomotor Handpiece Head

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dispatch Date Next Day
Expiry Date No


1) What is the importance of speed in Endomotor?

Speed refers to the revolutions per minute & it is140-550 rpm. Speed affects the cutting efficiency of Endomotor. Speed can be preset according to the treatment need, canal anatomy or file system.

2) What is the importance of Reciprocation?

The functionality is to adjust both forward & backward angle of reciprocation, as well as the speed of movement of file. Any instrument in the market could be used in an asymmetrical reciprocation with this motor. It also helps in increasing the life span of rotary files and also reduces the time taken to shape the canals.

3) Why Auto-Continuous or Auto-Reverse is important?

Files are subjected to distinct torque levels during the root canal treatment. If the level of the torque is equal or greater than the deformation torque, the instrument will either deform or separate. Auto reverse rotation enables the motor to stop rotating and reverse the direction when the instrument is subjected to deformation torque value set on the motor & thus prevents the file separation or fracture.

4) What is Torque Sensor?

Torque sensing property of Endomotor helps in monitoring of the twisting force exerted on the file and allows the Auto-Reverse rotation of file when torque limit is exceeding. This reduces the chances of file breakage inside the canal.

5) What is the recommended Gear Ratio?

Gear ratio recommended is 16: 1 for general endo purposes. But you can adjust according to the need.  A reduction gear is an arrangement by which an input speed can be lowered for a requirement of slower output speed, with same or more output torque.

6) How many programs does it have?

EndoPro have 9 programs with 4 working modes.

7) Which file system is compatible with it?

Though we recommend Waldent Wal-flex file system, but another file system can also be used. To use the function of reciprocation it is recommended to use reciprocating file system.

8) How to charge the Endomotor?

A. Connect the Power Adapter to the charging stand.
     • Insert the power cable to the backside of the charging unit.
B. Place the handpiece on the charging stand, during this period, please confirm that the power
display flashes.
C. If the power display shows “FULL”, Then the battery has been fully charged.

Note: Please ensure the handpiece has been fully charged before its first use.


9) How long does it take to fully charge the Endomotor?

EndoPro takes approx. 90 minutes to fully charge.

10) How long you can work with fully charged EndoPro Endomotor?

 It works continuously for more than 48 hours once fully charged.

11) Can apex locator be attached with Endomotor from outside?

No, you cannot attach the apex locator from outside with EndoPro Endomotor.

12) Does it have the foot control panel?

No, it does not have the foot control system.

13) At what temperature does the contra-angle handpiece is sterilizable?

 The temperature recommended for sterilization of contra-angle handpiece is 135 degree. 

14) How to maintain the Endomotor unit?

When the motor handpiece becomes dirty, wipe off with a cotton cloth moistened with 99% rubbing alcohol and seal it in a sterilization pouch.

15) How to insert the contra-angle?

 Do not rotate the Contra-Angle Head while pushing inside or pulling out of the Endomotor handpiece. 

 16) How much warranty do the EndoPro Endomotor have?

the Waldent provides the warranty of 12 months against the manufacturer defect.

17) Packaging consists of?

  • ·         1 x Endomotor Unit (Contra-Angle Head & Endomotor Handpiece)
  • ·         1 x Charging Unit
  • ·         1 x Power Adapter
  • ·         1 x Instructions Manual


  • ·         1 x Endo Ring
  • ·         1 x Endo Guard

Customer Reviews 70 item(s)


Nice product in low price


Khup chan ahe...mla avdle....

Best Endomotor

Best endomotor in such a low price. ..eveything is ok..using from last 7 days.before choosing it i was in doubt. but now m fully satisfied by its quality..recommend to every dentist who want to buy endomoter.No need to spend much more on NSK or Okrikem go for this WALDENT ENDOPRO Endomoter. Its only price is low.quality is superb.


It's almost 2 months of use n doing g8..I feel for beginners it's gud machine...n ...those who want another endomotor within budget it's a thumbs up for me...using walflex gold files from waldent only n files too seems gud n satisfactory...within this price range , work expectation it's a must to hv in clinic...m happy.,...let's c how dey ll provide service if anything goes wrong bt till now it's going gud...I rated on pure genuine basis after use of 2 months n about 30-40 rcts ...I know it's short time and it has to go long in run ...let's hope for long lyf

Good product

Good value for money

If you're looking for reciprocating Endomotor it purly not noooo

It is good Endomotor but not for reciprocating Endomotor it has only one preset motion u cannot change it to ur desired degree130/90,or 130/70 or any reciprocating motion If you're buying this for reciprocating motion pure NOOOOOO
This is honest review friends

Very smooth working..

Today morning i have received this Endomotor..i was really amazed with the packaging of it...after unpacking it...i went through the manual....i was confused about few functions.. so i called them up on customer care...they guided me very well..

I have done two cases today..& it was working very smooth...programs are accurately designed...

Not at all tiring..

I have been trusting Xsmart endomotor only for my practice...but i had no clue that such an endomotor is also available in market...

I am highly impressed..tried my 2nd case in 26, 27..i wanted to try in maxillary posteriors ..to check its usage...it was not at all tiring...i could easily complete my procedure..

Suggesting my friends to buy it too...


overall good...

but i fee that highest available torque should have been more than 3Ncm as with Dentsply, it is up to 5Ncm.
However program no. 4 & 8 is ecxellent and is the usp of this endomotor.

@Dr. Thomas



Out of stock ?

Why is it Out of Stock all the time?

good product

Any service center im m.p.

impressive reciprocating feature

Main & highlighting feature of this endomotor is its Reciprocating feature & compatibility with all file system...generally new file systems are not compatible with the endomotors...

Another impressive part that i would like to add on is its sleek design and light weight..you can manage

Back in stock..

Excellent Endomotor, i am glad it is back in stock!

Nice and honest people,they carefully handle the product from packing to delievery.Thank you.

Nice product.

Same as promised..

I have bought this endomotor after reading all the reviews...i thought that it wont be of much good quality...but i am astonished with its quality!

All the functions are working as promised...
i would also like to mention they guide very nicely on phone...


i have bought this endomotor on my friend's feedback, must say my overall experience has been very impressive...overall packaging & delivery time was as promised within 3 working days...
The endomotor is very classic, very light in weight ..not like other heavy endomotors...

The manual is user friendly ,i requested to watch a video on how to use it..but they said that it is in process from the manufacturer's right now..

i have performed around 15 cases till now..its going very smooth..& very effective...Will share more words about this endomotor soon..

High quality

Only the price is low otherwise everything is high quality

Right investment

I am using from past 2 and a half months...& i must say this endomotor is really good...i think i have invested for the right one..

Brilliant functions, noise-free, i could perform single sitting RCT very fast..

unbeatable prices

This price is unbeatable! i wanted to buy 2nd endomotor for my clinic ...correct choice made..

Incredible Endomotor!

Incredibly easy to use. Easy customization and fast support. Most importantly, can't beat the fair pricing.

Good One!

My personal experience about this endomotor has been very good. I have been using Coltene endomotor & wanted to a buy a new one.
Since Waldent is a new brand , i was afraid to try it.
But I would rather say that is worth taking the risk.

Smart endomotor

Smart endomotor...price is surprising...design , programs...above all it works for 2-3 hours continuously ...
All these factors has made me give 4.8 stars to this endomotor

Happy buying it

I was not aware of such an endomotor in the market..I was confused to buy between Seashin Endocube & Waldent Endopro..but i am happy to buy this ...

Endopro + walflex files combo very good

Superb endomotor with flexible files...

Outstanding battery life

After a month's use, i am sharing my review. it's an excellent Endomotor given the stylish design and outstanding battery life.

I had a small issue as the file was not getting locked earlier, but it was resolved soon..i was inserting the file in a wrong manner. As for the different programmes, I am at much ease & using it smoothly..

High value for money

High value for money. Super cool Endomotor..very easy functions

Details of endopro

Any service center in Sialkot, Punjab?
I want to try this Endomotor..please explain me the details

First class Endomotor

I wanted to buy the endomotor, as it was a new launch. I am happy to buy it..using it for 2 months now....Will definitely ask my co-pgs to buy it


Sleek & slim Design, Preset programmes are very helpful, it saves my time during root canal procedures.

4 Stars

4 Stars from my side for this endomotor...deducting 1 start only for 1 day late delivery..

Truely solves my purpose

Endopro truely solves my purpose of performing the RCTs flawlessly..i am really very very satisfid to make such a choice...

Excellent Endomotor

This product has performed for me exactly as promised!

Very good performance..

Very good performance of this endomotor

Want to buy endopro

I would like to buy this endomotor with EMI option..its features are amazing ..i want to use it...

All rounder!

Waldent Endo Pro is an All rounder! Pre-set programs are saving my time more! Must buy endomotor

Systematic programs

All 9 programmes are very systematically set...although i am satisfied with Program 2 & 4, they are working the best in my cases..

Handy Endomotor

Very handy Endomotor. Light in weight , i am enjoying using this.

Good Quality

Design of this Endomotor is beautiful. Using it for almost 2 weeks now. After reading the manual , i could easily operate the endomotor. One of my friend has also bought on my feedback.

Will continue to recommend it to my colleagues!


Genuine quality Endomotor, i am using it with walflex gold files.
No doubts about the quality. i am able to do the posterior teeth root canals easily.


I have been using Endopro for more than a month now. I am able to change the speed & torque acc to my cases. Working accurately in slightly curved canals too.

The best brand one can get in this price range

So far , the best endomotor of this brand.. battery life is long .. i could use it for 2-3 hours continuously.

Dealers in Gujarat?

Any dealers in Gujarat? How will you cover after sale services?

Brilliant endomotor!

EndoPro is brilliant.! Very light weight..i have tried almost all the file systems with this endomotor, Dentsply, Hyflex, Micro-mega, SS White, etc & yes offcourse Waldent walflex also...It is compatible with all...


Hi, Please provide details on how are you going to cover the warranty? I am in Trivandrum


Remarkable in workability..but sad part is demo is very difficult to arrange...i took a risk on Dr Ankur Aggarwal's suggestion ...and it turned well..very handy to use..

Correct Choice

I have been using X-Smart endomotor from past 5-6 years, thought of buying a new Endomotor for my 2nd clinic setup.

I am Glad to make a choice for Waldent Endopro...exactly like my expectations.

User Friendly!

I was unable to set the torque earlier. But they guided me on call very well. I am able to use it easily.


Brilliant Performance! Compatible with my Hyflex CM Rotary Files too

Satisfactory Endomotor


Justified Features!

Reciprocating feature is effective and justifies this endomotor's feature very well.


Splendid Performance by this Endomotor!

Nice Price

Woww .. Nice Price!

Bette than NSK

Believe me Endopro is better than NSK cordless one..

Very Good

I requested a demo , they were unable to provide that but they explained very well on how to use.

Do you ship in Mnagalore?

I am in Mangalore .. can you send here? What will be the shipping charges?

great using this endomotor

Endopro is really amazing...its functions are very easy , i can see the file moving very smoothly..it feels great using it....


Can you arrange a demo here in Guwahati? I have not used any endomotor till now.. and need to know more.

Quality Upto the mark

Compatible with both Reciprocating & Non-Reciprocating files...Must go for it!


Recommended this Endomotor to my colleagues!

Comfortable Endomotor

I used to use handfiles , but this is really affordable ..so doing patients for 1 month now with rotary ..no issues with it.. weight is comfortable to handle.

Good Endomotor

Good Endomotor!

Pls explain little better

Reciprocation function should be explained little better

Commendable Performance!

Reciprocating function of this endomotor is unbelievable!
I could use my reciprocating files with this endomotor too.
9 program functions are easily adjustable & you can change the speed & torque according to your cases.

Superb Programme Settings!

Endo Pro has Superb Functions! Forward & Reverse Reciprocating Function & Auto Continuous functions are justifying.


Remarkable performance by Endopro! Reciprocating feature is Amazing!

Value for Money

Superb Endomotor! Value for money

Good Package

Very Good Package of Endomotor with remarkable functions! Free Walflex Files was suprising. Best Endomotor so far at these Rates!


Wonderful it is! I am glad to make it a choice.
I am enjoying doing my root canal procedures.

Must Try Endomotor

EndoPro is a must try Endomotor. Very User Friendly , light weighted. This is definitely going to improve the standards of Endodontics.

Amazing Quality Endomotor

Recently bought this Endo Pro Endomotor of Waldent. Amazing quality at these rates! Manual is comprehensible too. Program function is easily manageable.

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